Friday, 17 January 2014

How to get more followers on Instagram

Learn how to get more followers on Instagram for free

With more than 100 million active users per month, instagram has grown quickly over the years. Millions of photos are shared daily and thousands of likes are registered per second not forgetting the comments shared as well. Though to some people it may appear difficult to get more followers to like or comment on particular photos posted on instagram, it is not challenging as it sounds. There are several pointers that when put to use, one will get more followers within a short period. However, to succeed you have to work at it until there is a steady flow of followers to your account. Here is how to get more followers on Instagram fast and easily.

How to get more followers on Instagram with Use of appropriate Hashtags

While posting photos on Instagram, one should use relevant hashtags. Though similar to Twitter’s posting rules, with instagram this will make the photos look more organized. And since instagram has powerful search engine where people can find photos, relevant hashtags makes it simpler for people to digest those photos. A total of three hashtags will make your photos appear more interactive increasing the chances of attracting more followers.

Timing is key

This is something that most people who post photos on instagram get wrong. You cannot just post photos whenever you feel like and expect people to digest them. They will appear as spam. Besides, photos on Instagram have a lifespan of 3-4 hours. Therefore, if you post them at odd hours nobody is likely to see them and you would have wastage your time taking such photos. Therefore, postings should be done at opportune times mostly in the morning and evening. These are times when more people are bound to view the photos and respond by posting comments of pressing likes.

Share friendly photos

Most accounts on Instagram have one distinguishing factor. The photos in those accounts are not only original but are personal and one can relate to them too. Such photos are meant to enhance connection or rather interaction with the audience. To get more followers , share photos that appear humanized and friendly in nature. They don’t have to be perfect, but beautiful enough to capture people’s attention. photos that create emotions will certainly give you more exposure attracting more followers.

Multiple images

Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words. Put this to practice by posting images that tell a story. To come up with a more engaging photo, combine multiple pictures. This is a good way of encouraging people to comment and like your photos. A great story in picture form will surely get you more followers. Make your photos amazing and you will register success with them.

Follow and like photos others have posted

Posting photos only is not going to give you too much exposure. However, if you diversify your time there by following other people and liking comments they have posted, you will come across as engaging. Combing through instagram, other users will probably get to see your comments on their photos. It is such people who would like to interact with you and eventually become your followers. On you way to getting more followers and exposure on Instagram, the trick is to be active at all times by posting and offering comments.

Connecting you Facebook account to your Instagram account can also get you more followers. By viewing the beautiful photos that you have posted, some of your Facebook followers will become your followers. In addition, you can add witty remarks on your postings as a Call to Action for people. Since viewers are likely to interact with you if there is a clear Call-to-Action, take advantage of that as it is a clear way on how to get more followers on Instagram. Properly used, these guidelines will hep you get more followers as you continue to use and post more photos on instagram. You don't have to go extra lengths of buying followers, these pointers will prove useful.

Using these pointers, you should now have learnt how to get more followers on instagram without spending any money.


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